1. What is the cost for Gordon Hunt's services to represent us as our agent in buying a home?

Absolutely nothing! My fee is paid by the home sellers through an agreement with the MLS. My duty is to exclusively represent your interests to help you purchase the home of your choice. It is to your advantage to use my award winning Buyer Agent Services which are absolutely the best available. Remember that it is not-so free if you settle for less than the best buyer's agent.

2. What are the major issues to consider in selecting a buyer's agent to work with?

Keep in mind what it can cost you to receive bad advice, poor negotiations, make uninformed decisions, and invest in the wrong home. There's much more to being a great buyer's agent than unlocking doors of homes for sale. I put forth the extra effort to stay current on the latest loan products to help you. I know how to listen in order to use your time effectively, and how to coach you to consider construction issues, neighborhoods and amenities, market trends, inventory, and resale potential. I'm among the top 1% of all Realtors nationally that actually have formal education in negotiating. I'm a CERTIFIED NEGOTIATION EXPERT and have 30 years of experience winning in million-dollar negotiations. And, I recently received the highest award possible for excellence in real estate at Chapman Richards as a member of the prestigious Master's Club.

3. What is the most costly mistake people make when choosing an agent to represent them on a home purchase?

People have not been taught how to hire an agent to help them buy, and often make the assumption that we are all the same. They mistakenly believe that because someone is a Realtor, they must be great at all aspects of real estate. It's important to understand that the schooling required for licensing to become a Realtor teaches little to nothing about the day-to-day skills required to be an effective agent. Once licensed, it is completely voluntary and up to the individual to pay to educate and develop skills in all of the many complex aspects to become an effective agent. Each individual agent has a unique lifetime culmination of intelligence, knowledge, experience, talents, and skill sets that vary dramatically between individual agents. The more effective your buyer's agent is, your time will be used more efficiently, the more informed decision you will make, the more lucrative your investment will be, and the better buying experience you will have. It is because of my fully developed skills over many decades in all of the many facets required to be an effective real estate agent... that I help many really smart people. Many of my clients work in the medical field, dentistry, law, engineering, technology, IT, finance, genetics, and other high-level contributors who demand and appreciate my extra level of service.

4. Everyone knows of a real estate agent or two. What should we consider before just blindly having one of them help us?

Many of my competitors hope you will base your agent selection on the popularity contest of relationships rather than doing your homework and selecting THE BEST QUALIFIED PERSON FOR THE JOB. It's surprising how many people find their agent through a friend or family rather than being selective. Mixing business with friends and family can have many shortcomings. I see many situations where the agent is too personally close to the client to feel comfortable telling them what they need to hear. And, if you have a complaint, it can strain or destroy relationships forever. What are the odds that the absolute best, most qualified agent to advise you and negotiate on the most expensive purchase of your lifetime happens to be your neighbor across the street? An intelligent person who found themselves facing serious trouble would never select an attorney that way. Neither should you when it comes to protecting your money and interests in a real estate transaction.

5. The company I work for can refer us to an agent to help us with our purchase. How does that work?

You have to understand how this industry works from the inside. Real estate brokers go out and establish relationships with corporations to increase their sales volume. When a company calls the broker with a lead, it is assigned to an agent in their office. In a normal situation, where an agent generates their own client, they split a percentage of the sales commission with their broker. In this situation, where the broker generated the client, the broker typically takes an additional 40% of the commission off of the top along with their normal split, leaving your agent working for half their normal pay. Since my full service is already free to home buyers, why would you want to be a low priority to an agent who works with multiple clients, who's heart isn't fully in it, who can't afford to devote the necessary time and effort you deserve?

6. Must we purchase a home listed only with Chapman-Richards?

No! This is a common misconception, but you have your choice of any listed property on the Multiple Listing Service, regardless of which real estate company has their for sale sign in the yard.

7. Why shouldn't we just buy through the agent who's name is on the yard sign or the one in the model home we want to see?

The listing agent who's name is on the sign has been employed to exclusively represent the sole interests of the homeowner or builder. You have the legal right to exclusive representation from a buyer's agent, where your interests are looked after at no cost to you. The listing agent would no doubt appreciate the double commission, but it is in your best interests to call me so that I can arrange to show you the home. This is also true of new construction model homes. Call me prior to visiting a model home so I can register you. If you don't, builders will not allow you to have your own representation. Based on what I've seen in these situations, you need me to protect your interests.

8. How do we sell our home and buy another home at the same time, where we have to sell first and don't want to live in a hotel and move twice?

Believe it or not, I meet agents all of the time who have never helped a client sell and buy simultaneously. Since it is really rare that a seller will accept an offer contingent upon you selling your home in today's market, this is one of the most demanding aspects of residential real estate. I help clients sell their home and buy a another home all of the time without their need to live in a hotel and move twice. It is just one area where my superior negotiating skills benefit you the most.

9. What is the first step in the home buying process?

If you are going to need to borrow money to buy, speak with a mortgage person about your specific situation and be really honest. They will help you determine your price range and provide you with pre-approval. This is a critically important step prior to touring property. See my Mortgage Resource team.

10. What are some things to expect during the home buying process?

The most significant thing to expect is that home buying is an educational process. The market changes often enough that even veteran home buyers need to become updated on value, neighborhoods, home styles, amenities, location, quality, resale, and gather enough information about the choices within their price range to develop a solid understanding and be ready to buy. Another important issue is that every home has a few negative aspects to go along with the many positives and it is really important to define your priorities in order to make a great decision. I handle all of the technical stuff to make your dream come true, so enjoy the experience and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and resources in helping you during this exciting time in your life. See Moving Tips!

Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent - Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the home buying process in Salt Lake City.